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265: week 9

Hello friends.  I’ve been s.l.a.c.k.i.n.g.  I was reintroduced to the real world this week, as I returned to my big girl job, amongst other new and exciting adventures.  I have also continued with my commitment to attending 9round gym at least three times a week, and that has been KICKING. MY. BUTT!  I forgot that I had muscles in some places, and have been reminded daily that others are just not happy with my new endeavor.  I literally had to help my legs up the stairs on Wednesday evening after I got home from work, a job interview, and a kick-butt workout, a triple whammy for the first time in three months.  I’m an on the go type of person but my life had slowed down tremendously after my foot surgery–I’m sorta excited to rev it up back to high gear!  I promise I will post a wedding Wednesday next week and try to make it extra special to make-up for my under-expenditure this week–forgive me!

This week has been an interesting one, nonetheless.  Continued battles on the political front over what is truth and what is not.  I held watched a duckling hatch from an egg, held it, and saw it get it’s first bath.  We FINALLY got my engagement ring resized to fit :-D!  The weather went back down the crapper, and I went back to work.  It’s friday, and I survived, and for that I am thankful.  I am also thankful that I have been able to keep serenity in my life and let go of some things that I’d normally bathe in.   This week I want to be more vigilant with my camera though.  Until then, here are this week’s shots.  Enjoy 🙂

Feb 19th:  Rallies continue here in Madison, with thousands of people campaigning to keep their union and bargaining rights. People have been focusing on things at the capitol building, or the actual stomping grounds, but there have been scenes of fighting and despair throughout the city.

Feb 20th: With the snow-thaw, comes animal activities.  My cats have been spending hours at the windows watching wildlife re-emerge…one fat squirrel in particular…(see below)

Feb 21: Mother nature decided we’d relished the warmth and cherished our patches of grass too much.  So she through an ice storm at us…

Feb 22: Solitude. 

Feb. 23:  Wounded soldier.

Feb 24.: CAUGHT HIM!  This guy seems to have had a hearty winter feeding.  I think I need a squirrel guard, but I’m torn due to the enjoyment my cats are getting from this guy!Feb 25:  The Statue of Liberty in Madison Wisconsin, who knew?

Happy weekend 🙂

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