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365: week 11

The radio was blaring “When people run in circles it’s a very very mad world. It’s a mad world…”

The sweat was still dripping down my face from my high-strung kick-boxing workout and I rolled the car windows down without a care in the world.  (Afterall, when you live in Wisconsin in mid-March 43 degrees is practically summer!)

The idea that spring would still be sprung, and that I live in the center of a history-making debate made me relish in life, and the reality of what I have become.  There are instances in life that we look back and wonder how we survived so long.  How we made it through times we thought were the impossible and how the hurt we’ve felt hasn’t crippled us.  And then there are times when we are alone with natures beauty caressing our locks and the gift of music allows us to drift away into a place where self discovery and unraveling is unveiled and freedom seems endless.  But when the pressure is on, it comes down to the person you are in the deepest core of your soul, and how you share that goodness with the world.  We are tiny people in this mad world, and you have to stand your ground to make your voice be heard.  It’s not a matter of debate, or wrong, or right.  It’s a matter of getting stuck in the mud and creating a suction so strong, someone’s gotta pull you from your own boots to take you down.  Doing everything you can, and sacrificing what you can to do your part–to be “all that you can be” in the name of your beliefs and do all that you can do.

In the end, we’ll all make it.  In the end, we’ll all survive.  We’ve just got to support each other, lend a hand, help thy brother. A community of caring is worth more than money for sharing.

It’s been a crazy week here.  Work, politics, sickness, and a nasty bumpy scaly rash all over my face.  (yes, gross i know) But I’ve managed to sneak some shots from around the neighborhood that I’ve grown to love so much in the past four years.  It’s a place I’d like my kids to grow and run and laugh and play like the neighbor kids do here.  Tuesday and Wednesday night this week I could hear giggling and squealing well past dark.  Snowballs nailing the side of my garage.  And evidence of the perfect-kinda-snowman-snowfall when the sun came up.  It is march, and I saw more snowmen Thursday morning in our neighborhood than I had all winter long 🙂   If I was quick, I’d have thought to snap a shot, when I went out to capture today’s image I went in search of a living man of snow but to my awkward delight they’d all been melted to the ground in this 45 degree weather!   And yes, I did manage to go out today in my workout capri’s and t-shirt–NO JACKET!  😉

Anyway, here’s this week’s finds:

March 5: This little guy looked like he was hatching some sort of master plan.  And he hardly fit on the windowsill.  Hey, at least it’s not my cat 😉

March 6: The sun was so golden this evening on a walk around the neighborhood.  I loved the way these barley-hanging-on leafs shimmered in the wind and sun.  

March 7th: -sigh-

March 8: If I had a fence like this, I’d grow these vines too.  And pretend I was a rich wine maker from the Napa Valley while I rocked in my hammock under the summer sun.

March 9:  It snowed. March 8-9=snow.  And a good amount too.  While I laid on my couch coughing, hacking, sneezing and blowing I could in-between hear the crows cawing and the birds chirping.   They were about as thrilled as I was that their worm laden ground was once again invisible to whiteness!

March 10: ? A little DOF?

March 11: Lesson of the day: Recycling is important, necessary, and NECESSARY!  Please recycle <3  I love my city garbage and recycling collectors.  Even if they did break the wheel off my recycling bin!

Have a good weekend!

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