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365: Week 2

Week two of the new year and I have seven more photos to share with you, so far, so good.  I’m surprised by what I am learning through this process with both post processing and my skills and creativeness.  I’m craving my first shoot of the year and hoping I can apply my new techniques.   I’ve been out of work post-foot-surgery for almost two months now and I am going a bit stir crazy.  However, I am pretty sure my body has acclimated to the 60+ temps inside my humble abode and I can’t seem to get the motivation to move outdoors unless an appointment of sorts requires me to do so.  I’m trying look at my home with new eyes to give me fresh ideas for this project, in hopes to stay nice and warm as long as possible.  I fear though, that soon I will have to venture out into the frigid temps of the Wisconsin winter.  Enjoy!

Jan 8th: I have begun to spread my wings and try things that don’t normally fascinate me with my new diet.  I have grown a strong hankering for pears; and not only do they taste good, they’re pretty!

Jan 9th:  My silly Daphne cat gets herself into all sorts of mischief.  We picked her at the humane society because she was so playful–but sometimes it gets her into trouble.  Especially when she thinks pineapples are toys….

Jan 10th:  I spent the whole day watching the Six Feet Under series.  It was a lazy day, but it was something I don’t do too often so I enjoyed it.  Infact, today might be another one of those days….its a great show!

Jan 11th:  The moon was casting a beautiful glow on everything tonight.  I didn’t want to go outside, so I just sat at my porch door and took a few images.  This isn’t what I was going for, but I like it.

Jan 12th: Ahh yes, I actually went outside. I had to, I had a Dr. appt.  A dusting of snow went through the area today, just enough to make everything frosty again.

Jan 13th:  I love country style and design.  It’s not what I consider my style to be, but I think there is something so warm and homey about it.  So I have random things scattered through my house to remind me of that feeling.  Also, it might just remind me of my mom a little…

Jan 14th:  I put my new bookshelves up in my bedroom the other day.  When I woke up this morning I was pleased by the way the light snuck through behind my blinds and put a warm little glow on this guy…

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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