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365: Week 3

I have been keeping busy while I have “free time” on my hands, because as my return to work gets closer I begin to realize more and more that this is going to be one crazy year! Aside from about 10 photoshoots/weddings already in the wings I have my own wedding crunch time ahead–along with all the festivities and to-do’s that come along with that.  I am also hoping for a career shift (in my real-world work arena) and miscellaneous other things like friends weddings etc etc.  The good news is–I should be able to get a lot of the grunt work done for all my DIY wedding projects.  I’ve decided I will start sharing my wedding planning and other wedding planning tips and hints that I’ve learned from clients on Wednesday here on the bloggity-blog.  I’ll call it, cleverly enough, “Wedding Wednesday”.  In disguise it will just give me a reason to write out Wednesday once a week so that I can finally spell it correctly without though or the simple “Wed.” abbreviation….

In any case, here’s this weeks photos for my 365 project.

Jan 15: I’ve begun to dream in green and purple.  I like the colors, but I hope I’m not sick of them by July 30th! This week I knocked out some tags for my wedding wishing tree (left) and made a ring-bearer pillow and liner for my flower girl basket (right).   I’ll post about them soon!

January 16th:  Tonight I noticed some fascinating shadows bouncing around my house due to the tens of candles I had lit (pretending I had a fireplace) so I decided to have myself a little art session…I can’t decide if I like this one, or the black and white version better….

January 17th: I was pretty happy about the pretty cool bokeh effect I captured in this image.  I decided to walk over to my neighborhood Brennan’s because I needed some more pears (my most recent obession) and BOY do they have good pears..I know because I tried every variety they have.  Anyhow,I stole a few candid’s while I was there….

January 18th: It’s been miserably cold here in Madison…but lucky for me I don’t really HAVE to go out in it.  However, I felt I needed some vitamin D in my system and since the sun has been gracious enough to stop by a couple times this week I took advantage….

Jan 19th:  A quick blizzardly looking snowfall came today.  We added a few more inches to our winter total…it was a good day to be indoors!

Jan 20th: A viking silhouette.  I just was playing around with shadows and backlighting–thought this looked kind-of cool.

Jan 21st: I decided to brave another walk in the frigid temps.  This time I headed over to the park that’s behind my house.  I learned that my camera is not a fan of cold weather.  The settings went hay-wire and I could hardly adjust the aperture!!  Insane!  Though, what does like 0° weather?

Have a great weekend!!

I’m going to my wedding venue to taste their food! I’m so excited!!  Maybe I’ll share the results in my first “Wedding Wednesday” post! Check back!

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