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365: week 5…blizzard edition

I’m not sure if you’ve heard…but the United States got hit with a record breaking snow storm this week!  Here in Madison, the record says we got 18 inches or so of snow–but my driveway had literally 3 feet packed on it.  Apparently our yard allows for really fantastic cross winds, because while I was checking out all the neighbors with their handy snow blowers, I realized we clearly had more snow then them to SHOVEL.  By our measurements, we moved about 4-6 TONS of snow off of our driveway and sidewalks.  That’s like Elephant measurements people!!  The result? We are getting a snow blower.  It’s a must…if Ryan wasn’t here, I’d still be snowed in at my house!!!

So in honor of the tons of snow, I decided that even though the pictures don’t span the seven days this week….I liked these better–and so here is my fifth week of project 365: Blizzard edition… Enjoy 😛

We watched the plow go by and burry other peoples nicely shoveled driveways…every time in awe…then it was our turn….. 🙁

Ashton was dying to get outside, and in on the action…it didn’t last long.

The drifts, though monstrous and awful made beautiful shapes.

Like I said, without Ryan I’d still be stuck in the house.  He was the lucky one who got to clear the plow-man’s doings…

I’ve had these boots for six or so years.  I’m not sure what the life expectancy for boots are, but I am having a hard time letting these go, because they are perfect shoveling boots.  They are however, starting to fall apart and flake away the insides 🙁  It may be their last year, sadly.  Maybe I’ll replace them with the real thing..UGGs.  I hear they are COMFY.

Slowly, the sun decided to remind us that we’re all okay 🙂

Snowfall in the streetlight…before the blizzard….

Have a lovely weekend!

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