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365: week 7

Howdy friends.

It’s one of those days where I am constantly asking myself, “wait, what day is it?”  It has been one of the longest weeks I’ve incurred in a long time.  I feel like this past weekend happened several weekends ago and like Wednesday happened six times.  Perhaps that’s the reason my dreams have been a series of things similar to being in a canoe and paddling as hard as I can but not moving an inch, and being in a hole filled with snow unable to dig myself out.  I have also been having a series of dreams with scenes from my childhood.  I have now revisited my childhood house in Green Bay about 3 times in the past few nights.  It’s amazing the details the brain encrypts.

Yesterday though, I was delighted when the sun decided to shine so brightly I couldn’t read my magazine due to glare and my cats came out of hibernation to sit on the couch back and bathe in the rays.  It was just the day before when I was reading one of my favorite blogs and they posted images relaying signs of spring and the elation of the season change, while I looked outside and saw gray skies and mounds of snow, followed by a little news clip talking about how the city intended to remove thousands of pounds of snow this weekend.  There have been no signs of spring here, unless you count the bunnies that are starting appear in big box stores and the tulip window decals for sale at the grocery shop.  Yesterday though, I finally thought, “ok, maybe it is right around the corner after all,” as I couldn’t help but open the blinds as high as they would go and look at my house plants and say “you’re welcome!”

In anycase, I’m happy to have the weekend here and have a new week approach.  This has been a very long week and I’m ready to start over.  And yes, Saturday is my week’s start.  Always.  Ryan (and I’m sure many others) would argue it’s Sunday, but, for several reasons, it’s Saturday for me.  Mainly, when you work a job that requires you to work every other weekend, if your week starts on Sunday, you rarely ever get two days in a week off in a row.  And it makes me happy to think “oh! I have two days off in a row this week!”  And also, I love the weekend.  Regardless of what I have planned, the weekend makes me think warm thoughts and gives me permission to do what I want.  I don’t want one of those days to be this week and one to be next.  I want to start my week off right, with a weekend, and go from there.  It’s funny, it’s called the “week-end”.  I think I’ll rename it the weekstart.

Here’s this weeks shots:

Feb 5: Ryan and decided to go back to Milwaukee and stayed at his parents house on “superbowl eve”.   We finally were able to drop off my ring at the family jewelers to get sized, and we were able to just relax.  I love venturing out in my father-in-laws yard, his hobby farm always allows for some fun shots.  I love this one, but I also got some great cow shots (as always).  His cows are so fun to photograph.  I have them posted on my FB page.

Feb 6: GO PACK GO! GO PACK GO! The Hansen clan headed down to The Jack, Ryan’s brothers’ bar in Milwaukee to enjoy the game.  And enjoy it they did! I have to include a few from here…

Feb 7th: Due to the Pack’s success, the Capitol building here in Madison was Green and Gold!

Feb 8th:  I think I professed my new love for pears recently.  Well, I decided it would be a good idea to buy bulk pears at Costco…The problem…they all become ripe right around the same time.  I don’t think I’ll be doing that again…unless we want these fabulous pear muffins again!  I found a recipe on WeightWatchers and though a bit skeptical found them to be pretty darn good!

Feb 9th:  My best friend presented me with a project she’s thinking of for one of her dear friends.   It includes, pink, and nailpolish…I’m not finished yet, but I had fun taking pictures!!

Feb 10th:  As I was discussing before, shades were allll the way up today and the sun poured in.  However I found it ironic that while feeling all spring-like inside, when you look out the window the snow and christmas lights took it all away…

Feb. 11: It sometimes makes me chuckle when I look at my desk and notice things I have had since I was 10 or 11.  I try to pretend I’m all grown up, but really, I’m not sure I’ll ever escape my cork-board with the Odyssey of the Mind pins I got when I was 8 or 9 or the K-A-I-T-L-I-N beaded (once keychain) string that I made on a vacation with the fam.  Or the self-portrait a crazy patient of mine drew, my first college student ID, my favorite quotes, or the chip of cardboard with the one and only hair dye that people thought looked like my natural color.  It’s a little funny the things we become attached to.

Happy Weekstart everybody!

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