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365: week 8

I don’t know about ya’ll in the rest of the country, but here in Wisconsin it’s been the most gorgeous February weather!!  It is amazing how much a little sun will do in the motivation department!  Today alone I got up, went to the doctor, dropped off a job application at the YMCA,went to the gym,  took down our Christmas lights (yes I know, its been several months since the holiday, however when you live in my neck of the woods, getting them down before March is good timing!), cleaned up a little here and there, cleaned the litter box (EEW), made cookies for my father-in-law, made banana bread for Ryan, and emptied the dishwasher!

Talk about motivation.  I blame it on the sun, and surely that has a good bit to do with it, but really I think the motivation came from the butt-kicking I got at my new gym.   I know I have mentioned this place before, but I haven’t gotten myself there until today.  For several reasons; I have a fear of going to new places that I haven’t been before alone, I’m terribly out of shape, I didn’t want to prove to myself how out of shape I was, and I had foot surgery that wasn’t quite ready for me to be on.  But today I finally made it to 9round. While I was DEFINATELY out of shape, and huffing and puffing, I was totally proud of myself for finishing the entire workout after the trainer said that many people don’t their first go.  Yay me!  I loved it, I’ll be back on Monday for sure!!

Okay, so here are my photos from this week:

Feb 12: Ryan and I took a stroll through our neighborhood because the weather was so nice…the sky was so clear and there were really cool patterns all around us.

Feb 13: Proof that alas, spring will be upon us!! I never thought it would be so exciting to see puddles everywhere, and I couldn’t help but snap a shot of this guy (and then find an alternate route around it!)…..

Feb 14: Heart day.  We had a lovely evening with fresh cooked chicken parm and home-made brownies (read about it here), but it didn’t stop me from getting outside to snap a few shots.  I loved the way the glare on the window added a different dimension to things.  And of course, I love my Daphie cat 🙂

Feb 15: I walk through this tunnel fairly frequently to get to and from the bus stop, or simply to the other side of the street safely.  It’s ugly in part but I love it.  I think its so urban and sheek in a not-so-much part of town.  I imagine myself in The Big City, all sophisticated like Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City, tho my destination is far from a subway or city train. . . but it’s fun to pretend.  I also got really excited at the idea of doing a senior session revolving around it.  I have some really cool ideas I hope to try out in July when my sister is in town–if she trusts me 😉

Feb 16:  I did my civil duty and stopped by the polls.  If you aren’t following current events, you might not know that Madison, well Wisconsin really, is in the center of probably the biggest American event right now.  You can read a little more about it here.  In anycase, I voted, I wish everyone did….

Feb 17th:  I have a bad habit of leaving the core of my already-eaten fruit well, anywhere really.  It’s awfully disgusting, and leaves for a rather sticky situation. I don’ reconmend it…especially when the ants are scavenging!

Feb 18th: The only thing that I didn’t like about 9round was the fact that I had to use the same sweaty gloves as anyone else who might have needed them.  When I got done my hands smelt a sweaty mess.  I am weird about that sorta thing, so when the trainer asked if I wanted my own gloves, I jumped on it.  I figured heck, more motivation–PINK GLOVES!  Plus it makes me feel like some sort of fabulous super cool boxing star that they write all those movies about.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t leave with the Rocky theme coursing through my veins!

I hope ya’ll have a fabulous weekend!  Stay safe, and fight for your rights!!


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