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The pursuit of happiness

I’ve been flashing back to 1999 a lot lately.  Thinking about December 31st, 1999 more than I care to admit.  I spent the night at my friend’s house with four or five other friends doing all the normal things teenagers do–talking about boys, gossiping about drama, and taking selfies before selfies were even a thing (who knew!!)…just waiting for Y2K to end the world, you know, the norm.

At that time, 16 seemed so old.  We were so confident about our thoughts, our dreams, our desires.  We were such babies; but dreamers nonetheless.

16 years later, I’m not sure a single thing we dreamt about that night has really gone the way we planned.  The path that seemed so clear has been nothing short of brush to cut away, and trails to make…mountains to conquer.  the best parts have been so much better than could’ve been imagined, but, by far the most exciting have been the turns we’ve made unexpectedly and the people we’ve stepped into.

It took me those 16 years between Y2K and now,  I think, to realize the value in a dream.  The value of passion and heart.  The true pursuit of happiness.  It will not be found behind the dollars you make, or behind other people’s hopes for you.  And while it’s true, it will come from within you, it will also only be found when you find your own path to be contented with.  When you create your life in a way that makes you want to wake up and look forward to what will come.  This is not to say, or be mistaken with the idea that the days will be easy and struggle won’t exist.  It does.  It will.  It has to.  Because part of the equation will be growth, and change, and that is rarely easy.


2015 was an epic year for me.  The growth of my business was phenomenal and the value of what I learned through my peers, clients, and friends was even more than that.  In the biz, perhaps one of the hardest things to do is to find your own footprint and make a mark.  My hope for 2016 is to get there. Finally.  I have a clear direction of where I want to go creatively, and I look forward to getting there.

Part of that process will require a change that makes me nervous–but excited.  I am no longer going to be primarily shooting weddings.   I have started to build some strong working relationships, and I will be happy to continue second shooting with those awesome people when available, but as for KSP, and my brand, I’m going to be referring weddings elsewhere.

Great news though!  That means more time for BABY BELLIES, NEWBORNS, FAMILIES, and SENIORS!  I really loved shooting weddings, I did.  But I realized that coupled with several other things, my heart really lies in the hands of the families in which I meet who trust me with their moments.  Watching mama’s well up at the sight of their once hand-held babe now preparing to leave the nest with a newfound adult-like confidence while they get their senior portraits.  Or the excitement of the unknown while a couple prepares for their first little love.  Or simply just capturing the love that a family shares, the giggles they give each other, and finding that pure innocence each child contains behind the lens of my camera.

Fortunately in some sense, but unfortunately however–I am currently 23 1/2 weeks pregnant with our newest little addition!  My body doesn’t handle pregnancy too well, evidenced by my first daughter arriving at just 30 weeks!  Because of that, I will be booking with very little notice until my doctor tells me otherwise until June :-/

I’m not sure what makes me more vulnerable–turning away weddings already, or worrying about loosing work due to my unavailability that long!

That said, if you’d like to book something starting June 1st or later–lets do it!  I look forward to hearing from you!!  If you want something sooner, don’t be afraid to ask…just don’t count 100% on it.

I’m only able to pursue this dream of happiness because of you, my friends, my clients and I appreciate every email, phone call, text message I ever receive!  I look forward to what 2016 will bring us and as always, to capturing your own happiness again!



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