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A beautiful day in Glenwood Springs Colorado

I made my way up to the penthouse a little after 9:00 super excited for the day to unfold.  Dana and Rick are some of the most genuinely kind people you’ll ever meet, whose gentle spirits and uplifting smiles are unsurpassable.  So it didn’t take long for me to realize upon greeting Dana that morning that something was bothering her.  It turned out, the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs Colorado has a history of being ‘haunted’ and we got a little taste of that history ourselves.  Whether you believe in the supernatural or not–the events that took place the night before Rick and Dana’s wedding surely were coincidental enough to make someone believe!  As done with most things though, Dana and Rick took it in stride, and continued forward with smiles and laughter and love and family as they got ready to become wed.

The weather was outstanding, the location was to-die-for and the company these two keep–well, just the same.  Dana kept saying “I hope its a good party!” I kept reminding her, with a crowd like this, it will be amazing!  So much love, and so many people wanting to celebrate, it couldn’t be anything less.  And it wasn’t.

Dana and Rick, thank you for letting me capture such a beautiful day in your lives–it was a weekend I will never forget and I can’t wait to get back to beautiful Colorado!  Many many years of love and belly laughs to you both <3

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