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Oh hello Blog-o-sphere. It’s been a long time since our last date, and I’ve missed you. I’ve got a new set-up and I considered renaming my blog to the “back-burner” but it didn’t seem very uplifting or inspiring and it just didn’t seem to go along with my attitude in life. So I didn’t. There have been many changes in life lately and I’m trying to learn how to balance. Balance life with the things that really matter to me. ‘Cause my husband likes to remind me that I have to “live” a little. (Yes, blog-I have a husband now, it’s true. It has been THAT long, but I’ll get to that later…) I’ve been working on adapting to this new life-style and preparing for the future. Change is good and adapting to it is even better…it’s what living is all about right?

It’s at moments when I’m crying on the stair step looking at my calander clammering about made-up timelines and overbooked engagements, and deciding when I need to squeeze in a good house cleaning, or deciding what chores to do on what open moments my schedule allows that my husband reminds me, “you have to live!” Open hours in my day have always been hours available for some sort of productivity, and if the two collide, perfect! But this year has brought some major changes to my life and really brought to the forefront the things that really matter to me. Like spending time with said husband and doing things in my spare time that I enjoy. This is part of the reason I decided to venture on into the photography world in the first place, however I got lost in the intensity of trying to get my business going and trying to make it to the top, fast. I now realize, it’s not a race. And I am learning better how to balance. I need to learn how to balance. So, if my blog needs to be called “The Backburner Blog” so be it. I enjoy blogging, and want to do it more–but it may not always be on my priority list–which for now–I’m okay with…

Fall is here. Beautiful beautiful fall. It’s the warmest season for me. The excuse to sink into the couch with a blanket and hot chocolate, and bake everything apple. A season that reminds me that change is good, and okay and often beautiful and that consistency can be a part of that too.

This fall I’m exceptionally grateful for everything in my life. Let me tell you something, after 27 years of writing and saying “Kaitlin Benoit” as my name, and suddenly changing to “Kaitlin Hansen” nothing reminds you more of “where you came from/who you are”, if you know what I mean. Every time I write or say Kaitlin Hansen I think of my family instantly. And then my husband. And then where my life has lead me and how I got here. Almost in stereo with whats going on around me. And I’m grateful. And happy. This is EXACTLY where I am supposed to be, but only because I’m EXTREMELY good at adapting to the changes that life gives me, and I’m willing to do so.

This year has rendered big life changing happenins’. I decided to stop going to school for now and give myself time for photography. I got married. I decided that even though I love photography and could probably grow my business a lot with the proper amount of time and energy I’d rather work a steady job that still allowed enough time for what I have going on right now with my business. So, I now work a normal ‘9-5’ job, with weekends and holidays off. (Plenty of time for photo-shoots!) To some, these changes may not seem so big–but trust me, they are. Especially considering my husband demands I “Live”.

This whole idea of “living” has had me thinking deep the past few days. Like, what does it mean? To my husband I am pretty sure it mean a life of leisure. “Living” to him is doing things he enjoys. To me it’s that–but its more. I think to me it also includes “getting better” and “achievement”. And so, you may see why it is sometimes hard for me to balance my personal leisure time and my work ethic. But I will, and I can, and I will.

What does “living” mean to you?

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