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admiration, inspiration, and desire, but no time!

I have been very grateful for the interest many of you have shown towards my endeavor into photography.  Over this winter I have really tried to work on researching lighting techniques, save up for some better equipment, and as you might have noticed, tried to give my image a face-lift.  I haven’t been seeking clients over the winter because I really wanted to try to focus on educating myself and really think about what my clients should expect when they hire me.

It’s really been over the past year that I have become more serious about photography–and while I realize it isn’t the equipment as much as it is the photographer that make the photo, I really desire to be SO MUCH BETTER.  At the beginning (well, I’d still say I’m at the beginning), I had so much confidence in my ability and really decided to just “wing-it” with any opportunities arose–and boy did I learn a lot–a lot about the technicalities and do’s and dont’s as far as working with other clients go.  I’m not sure nervousness will ever subside when it comes to meeting expectations of others–but it’s so easy to thing it might be easier to conquer if I could just learn techniques “X-Y and Z”.

Aside from literature regarding the technicalities of the camera world, it’s been a great inspiration to be able to admire work through websites and blogs.  Infact was lucky enough to by chance meet a local photographer, Jenn Van Wyk. I was referred to her through a friend, and in return was lucky enough to hire her to capture the moments of my wedding day!  In getting to know her briefly, I learned she started out sort-of like me!  Someone who just loved to take photos.  I love that about her.  And I really admire her work.  But I can’t help but say…”I want to be that good!!”

I have the desire, the will, ability and the inspiration to get there, but I NEED MORE TIME!   It seems being a student, working, and planning a wedding sort-of limit my engagement in the photo world and I hate it!  Taking photos is where it’s at, and it’s defiantly what I’d like to do with my extra time.

I’ve been able to feel like I am growing in my creative eye by exploring blogs–aside from Jenn Van Wyk’s blog, I have been inspired by The Pioneer Woman, and have had a lot of fun with i heart faces, (you’ve probably seen some of my submissions in previous posts) amongst various others.  I’d really like to continue entering photos in these fun competitions–as it really helps foster creativity.

I think spring fever has just gotten the best of me–I cannot wait to get back out there dabbling with new experiences! I have three weddings to shoot this year.  I am co-shooting two weddings with Jenn Van Wyk in  June and July–which I am ecstatic about–and in October I go solo for my first time! EEKKKK! But woohoo!!!!!  Hopefully there will be some other awesome opportunities to arise as well.  I can’t wait to keep learning and growing behind the lens of my camera!

To any comments, advice, experiences, inquiries, and opportunities, I say: Bring it on! and THANK YOU!

  • Jenn Van Wyk - You are so sweet. Your words encourage me so much! About two years ago I decided I wanted to learn how to use my camera in manual mode. From there I decided to try to be a "photographer" because if I didn't try I would always regret it. I have made a lot of mistakes. I have learned a ton. But I just keep on shooting. I encourage you to do the same! I am so excited to shoot with you this summer, we're both going to make mistakes, but hey we are going to have fun and learn a lot (and still get a bunch of great shots in the meantime!). I think we should do coffee and go shooting sometime 🙂 That would be a lot of fun!ReplyCancel

  • Kaitlin - YES! I am game!! I would love to go shooting with you!! Thanks for being so great and open to my amateur excitement! You rock and inspire me to keep on!! Thanks Jenn! Let me know when you want to get together!ReplyCancel

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