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Best Friend’s Wedding Day–Dear Jenn

It’s finally here, over a year’s worth of planning and it seems to come and go in an instant!  I hope you take time to soak it all in!

I’m so happy for you Jenn, this day was a long time coming for you.  You have a heart of giving and for caring and you deserve this day more than most!  Thank you for letting me and my family be a part in your day, I am so lucky to have a friend of whom we both knew immediately would stand by our sides on our one and only Wedding days.  I can’t wait to return the favor to you today.   I know you are are going to be stunning, and everything is going to go according to your plan.

I’m so glad you found each other, (and survived the dangers of internet dating!)

I never told you this but I think I knew he was the one around the same time you did.

You had met him about six weeks prior (or so) of to my wedding.  You had mentioned him in the very very beginning, but that third week I heard a lot about him when I talked to you (basically that is all I heard about)–and talking to you sort of declined (clearly you had more exciting things to focus on).  In any case, you  asked me if he could come to my wedding with you, and of course I was excited for you and wanted to meet him and said yes! THEN you told me your bridesmaids dress didnt fit…….you said “but don’t worry, Kevin said we will only eat salads until the wedding!”

Now that’s love! Only a good man would commit to that for a girl….. I knew he was the one–it was only confirmed when the night before my wedding, Kevin pulled me into our hotel room and took out a little black box from his pocket shaking slightly and showed me a beautiful engagement ring.  six weeks girl?!?!?!?! That’s all it takes to make a match!! When you know what you want, and you find it, you just know it’s right.  And while I was scared for you at first Jenn, I couldn’t be happier for you now!

You are my best friend.  My life had been full of changes. Id endured a lot of ups and down…for a  while it seemed mostly downs. But one constant was you…always trying to bring me up. Like you do for so many of us.  Sending me little pick me-ups.  Visiting me every year.  Mailing me your hand-me-down clothes–you name it, seems like you’ve done it.  One of my favorite little tokens from you was a necklace that looks like a piece of bread with Jelly on it.  You sent it with a card saying, “I’ve realized we are really different, but I think that’s why we work.  I’ve got the peanut butter side at home”

And so tonight my wish for you my dear friend on your wedding day is that today be your down day and every tomorrow be your up. May kevin be jelly to your peanut butter, and may you both have your happily ever after. I love you.


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