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Brynlee is two! {Sun Prairie Child photographer}

This year, a lot of families I work with have kiddos turning TWO!  It’s funny, you totally forget what it’s like to have a two year old once they approach three and four and have a whole different set of challenges.  In the same breath, I was brought right back to when my kiddo was two as I photographed Miss Brynlee a day short of her second birthday.  Girlfriend knows what she wants and does what she wants!  The ode of the two year old!  I love it–I love every second of working with these “terrible two’s”.  It’s challenging, fun and so rewarding.  I feel like two is the end of baby-hood.  They are emerging into little people and by the time they turn three, they become full fledged adult toddlers.  To be the one entrusted to capture these firsts and lasts is so humbling.

Enjoy your two’s Brynlee!


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