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Butt-day! {Sun Prairie studio photographer}

I really never anticipated the excitement having an in-home studio would bring to my business.  In fact, I really only intended to use it for newborns–but in reality it’s been so much more.   My favorite winter sessions have quickly become my in-studio portrait session–a 30 minute session for up to three kids.  It’s a totally different world when you are in a 11×13 foot space trying to create something unique!  But I’ve loved every second of it!  Thank you all for your interest.

One of my favorite sessions in the studio so far has to have been this one.  Little Maverick was diagnosed with Spina Bifida while in-utero.  About three months before he was born, he and his brave mama underwent surgery to repair the hole in his spine.  So, the doctors made an incision in mom’s uterus, pulled baby’s butt to the surface and repaired his back the best they could.  Then, they tucked him back away inside to be born again at a later date. This isn’t uncommon for baby’s diagnosed with Spina Bifida and is lovingly known at “Butt-Day” in the community.

Mom contacted me to see if we could do a session to commemorate the first ‘anniversary’ of this amazing day, and that is exactly what we did.  Maverick was a star, as expected, and pretty much the most adorable little guy ever!  The must have shots?  His scar from surgery, and a great shot with the Superman shirt on–because, umm, how fitting right!?!


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