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Candice and Adam are engaged!

It’s the type of reminiscence that the term was made for; the kind where single words evoke laughter when spoken by that one friend.  The type where every time you get together with that one good friend you tell the same stories about “when you were younger” but they never get old, and you only grow more fond.  That one friend that whenever you see them, whether it is years or days inbetween visits, you revisit the days of your youth, and the distance between you never seems to break that unspoken bond of friendly loyalty, love, and trust.

That’s the type of friendship my fiance’ Ryan has with Adam.  It makes me chuckle, they’re sort of and unlikely pair, but I suppose that is what makes them fit. In any-case, when Ryan asked me if I was up for doing engagement pictures for Adam I didn’t have to think twice. Of course, however, I enlisted Ryan as my back-up shooter for the night–and the four of us has a blast roaming around downtown Middleton and Madison’s UW Arboretum.

Once I was able to break into the back-and-forth ramblings about the latest sports happenings and catchings up on who’s who from highschool between Ryan and Adam,  I was able to entice Adam and Candice to show me a little more “romantic” side. ( Of course, inbetween cuddles and kisses, it was back to sports business for them).  However, I think Ryan had a little too much fun finding “props” like flowers for hair, or rallying for “the dip”!

Regardless of topic of conversation, these two made for an AMAZING shoot!  Just look at them!

(Note the flower in the hair, (so cute!) thanks Ryan)

This is one of Ryan’s shots  ^^

These two were awesome at spontaneity!  It was so fun to be able to challenge my abilities while creating such fun images totally spur of the moment!

Their love is very tender.  It is not hard to see that Adam is head over heels for Candice, it wasn’t rare to see Adam gently brush a lock from her cheek, or shoot a subtle glance her way while she wasn’t looking.  Their ability to have fun in situations like these, paired with their ability to be spontaneous makes them perfect for each other.  What is that saying? Something about your partner making you feel ten years younger when your old and wrinkly or something.  Yeah, that is them.  If Adam wasn’t making Candice laugh, Candice was likewise.

I’m gonna close out with these two that Ry captured!  Two of my FaV’s!  I better watch out or he might have my job soon!  Good job babe!

If you liked these, check out some more of my favorites from this session on my facebook fan page.  If you like ’em let me know!

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