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The Crafty Project

There’s a few things that will probably always hold true at the heart of me: I love supporting small business. I love crafting and

All in a day’s love.

I do it because it makes me happy.  I know that these memories are the ones that will mold the perception of their childhoods and add to

Box of Balloons

A couple of months ago, on a whim I decided to meet up with a group of ladies to discuss an idea that a couple of girls had.  It was

My Own: Play

Many of you probably know, one of my other loves apart from photography is children.  Not in the “I love kids!” way that most

Project Pinspiration: Nursery

making room for baby A new series I have decided to start on my blog was inspired by the all AH-MAZEing pintrest.  If you aren’t

Wedding Wednesday: A big day for the little ones!

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to share the wedding I was lucky enough to capture over Valentine’s day weekend.  But for now,

My prize!

It’s the best when a package arrives at your doorstep unexpectedly.  In my house, it’s not abnormal to have quite a few

Handmade Clay Snowman Ornaments

These little guys don’t take long and look like you slaved over them!!  Actual working time was maybe 20 minutes each at the

Handmade Clay Holiday Figure Decorations

I am in Loooveee with these little guys! (And honestly, really sort-of obsessed.)  They are so fun and easy to make I had to share these


It never fails; as soon as the sun pokes through the clouds for hours at a time, children’s laughter begins to emerge and mud begins