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Happy Holidays!

It always seems to creep up on us.  This year it came with a vengeance for me.  Maybe it was because Thanksgiving was so late, just like

{My Own} Memorial Day

It’s time to whip out the flips and tanks, lather up with sunblock, and bring the freckles out of hiding…they say.  Memorial

Florida Bound

Hi internet. Just wanted to give ya’ll a heads up–I’m blowin’ this popsicle stand-and making my way down to

The 80’s rocked, ‘fer real

This past weekend I helped host a little bachelorette shin-dig for my BFF.  Instead of going out and partying, we decided to bring

Pinspiration: shaving cream dyed Easter eggs

While my mom and niece visited, we decided to dye some eggs, which I was totally stoked about because it had been so long since I got to

Project Pinspiration: OMG Crumb Cake

I wouldn’t say I’m an expert by any means, but this crumb cake. THIS CRUMB CAKE! Pintrest helped me rediscover my love for the

Project Pinspiration: baby shadowbox

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that today my sweet girl’s 6 months.  And what a joy she has been, an undeniable love that

Fer Real Friday: My obsession and abstinent fear

Happy Friday! Had it not rained yesterday, the snow would be knee deep, and we may have set a record in our house for the total number of

Off to The Sunshine State!

Happy Monday ya’ll! Hope you had a good weekend full of fun and family, and good food.  The Hansen household had a low-key but nice

Project Pinspiration: Nursery

making room for baby A new series I have decided to start on my blog was inspired by the all AH-MAZEing pintrest.  If you aren’t

Looking forward

New year resolutions don’t work for me. I resign to making changes on a fairly constant basis, because as I know I’ve spoken of

Lip Lickin’ Good…

There is no mistaking the change in season if you are a part of my household.  Not because of the dripping-like-a-faucet nose or fire red