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Check out my new blog!

I’ve finally got my new blog up and running, and I’m so excited!!

Incase your new to my arena, let me tell you a little about myself.  (You can also click on the “about me” tab on the top of this page for a little bio)

I am a self-taught photographer constantly looking to learn and grow in my field.  Photography has been a passion that has grown into so much more, and I am endlessly grateful for that.

I am a person-pleaser–it is hard for me to do something that I think will make someone less than happy.  I love art in all forms.  I love my family, all of them.  I rarely see any of my family, but anyone who has an ounce of my heritage in them I’d do anything for.  I love old, [like crumbly, sometimes hard to make out], black and white pictures.  If you know me, you know in general I just love black and white pictures.  I love children, and know that the reason I was put on this planet was to be an incredible mother. I have a hard time starting my morning if I can’t have a hot cup of tea right away when I wake up.  I hate waking up to alarm clocks.  I love listening to music of all types, but sometimes there is nothing better than rocking out editing my pictures to classical music, like Chopin turned up as loud as it goes. I put ketchup on my eggs, and in my mac’ncheese and I love SODA.  One of my guilty pleasure candies are RUNTS, I’m a kid at heart.  I have slowly turned into a cat lady…I have two cats with the most amazing personalities, and I just know they will be around longer than me (at least the better be).

Aside from photography, I am employed at a local hospital where I care for very ill people. It is quite literally one of the most demanding but rewarding jobs I think I will ever work. I love making connections with people and knowing I was there for that snapshot in their lives where I might have helped them, even in the slightest bit.  Oddly, there are a lot of parallels between that job and this one, and it continuously confirms my role in both positions.

Similarly, this is why I absolutely love being behind the lens of my camera. Capturing moments for people like I see them, gives me an enormous sense of joy. I could sit and look at pictures of people, (people I know and people I don’t) for hours. When I was younger, (heck I still do it now) I would sit in-front of my mom’s wall of portraits from many generations ahead of me and study them wondering and inferring what it would have been like to know them. If you look hard enough, you can really get a sense of who those people were and to me as a child there was nothing more powerful than putting a picture and face to the stories I’d hear from my grandparents who passed far too young. I always think that if there is one thing I could leave the people I loved, or would have un-assumably loved if my story ended too early, it would be a series of pictures that could explain my heart. And that is what I want to do for all of my clients. Capture the moments that mean enough to them to ask me to capture them and secretly hope, that one day the spirit of a child will study them and love them because they could understand the heart of the person in portrait.  To learn more about me, check out my “about me” tab, on the links at the top of this site.

My new blog is designed to allow me to share with you all the things that I love.  My photography, my crafts and creations, some of my favorite products, and whatever else I feel I need to share, like some simple confessions, and my journey through planning my wedding, and eventually entering motherhood!

Check out the tabs at the top of my blog, and under categories you’ll find many of the things I just mentioned.

I have recently posted many of my holiday preparations.   Check out the following links:

I have given you some of my favorite recipes for Christmas cookies, listed under the “In the Kitchen”tab:

Lemon Poppy Seed Snowflakes

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies

Lemon Star Cookies

Stained Glass Cookies

Strawberry Creme cookies

I like to make something every year for the holidays for some of my favorite people, so I have shown you how to make this year’s Christmas crafts:

Winter Holiday Clay figures

Snowman Tree Ornaments

I am going to start a series of posts called “Confessions”.  Check out my first confession at the following link:

I’m addicted to ETSY!

Also, I have posted my first great product find!  If you love Cider you’ll love this!

Honey Crisp Apple Cider

Also, if you check out the menu bar at the top of my blog, you can click on the RSS link and subscribe to my site for updates!! Otherwise, become a fan on facebook and you can receive updates that way!

Finally, I will be getting my blog up to date posting my photo sessions from where I left off, for the year so keep your eyes out!

I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment or email me with anything you’ve got on your mind!!

Happy Holidays!


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