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Chronicling a year…

I’m sure many of you have witnessed people’s attempts to take a picture a day for 365 days.  And I know I’m like totally behind the ball on this, and jumping the bandwagon…but I think it’s worth it.

On of my biggest problems, I’m ashamed to admit, is the inconsistency in inspiration and creation I’ve fallen hold to.  Sometimes, I catch myself absorbed in mindless tv with millions of ideas or opportunities at foot, but I don’t bother to act on them, or simply pick up my camera and practice something new I’ve learned.  I’ve always admired the catologing of images that people create when they commit to a project like “project 365” and thought it was a brilliant idea, but I think I sell myself short.  Granted, I never did have any excess time at my fingertips.  Now with more time on my hands, and the attitude that it really only takes about a whole second to take a picture, I am going to embark on this journey and hopefully I won’t let myself, or my readers down.

I am going to try to post my weeks worth of images every Friday.  (keep me honest people!)  So check back, sit back, and enjoy 🙂

Week 1:

January 1st- excited for my new books, and getting ready for a blog post

January 2nd-Get used to it–I’m a big fan of my cat–and he isn’t shy….

January 3rd–My best friend flew in from Pennsylvania to surprise me over New year’s and for my birthday.  She left today. 🙁

January 4th–Happy Birthday to me!!  I’ve always admired this building, and it just so happened to be right next door to where Ry took me to dinner!

January 5th–I love our neighborhood.  It’s old but charming.  And for city living…this is the life!

January 6th–My prize arrived from The Youngrens (post to follow)!! I was so excited, and how cute is he!?

January 7th–Ashton loves to be outside, but in the winter his favorite pass time is to sit in-front of a window and dream….(and sleep)


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