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Confession: I’m addicted to ETSY!

Seriously, if you haven’t yet, do it now….check out ETSY!

This is a fantastic site, with all handmade or vintage misfits that will surely host something you will LOVE!  Most the people on the site are people like you and me, who just love to craft and are trying to make a few bucks!  I have bought so many things off Etsy for my wedding (more on that to come), and have gotten even more inspiration from the many creations.

You can find awesome things like this!  Can you imagine having that sock puppet to play with as a kid? HOW COOL!

Seriously, if you’re bored, or have a few free minutes, check it out!!  It is sadly become one of my new favorite pass times–and thank goodness I’m on a budget, or I might have bought the shops out by now!!


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