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Devil’s Lake State Park Family Photographer {Smith Family}

Iilene and Chad received a photo-session as a ‘welcoming baby’ gift from so pretty awesome friends.  To me, this is like the ultimate gift.  You are given an excuse to spend a couple hours hanging out with your family, all while preserving the memories for a lifetime.

One day, little Leo and Arlo will look back at these photos and be reminded just how special their mom and dad are.  The love the entire evening was so palpable and outstanding–which shines through these photos.  I often heard dad say, “give me some of that…” when mom would be ‘hogging’ the baby kisses.  Or “oh, you’re all mine, I love you sooo much…” as hugs devoured the little bodies of their babes.  I felt SO lucky to be able to sneak into the lives of this beautiful family for an evening.

This session was a dream.  I thought it might be, given the beautiful location (Devil’s Lake) and our few email correspondences.  The goal for the evening, “just have fun and get some images of us playing and doing what we normally do.” I’m down with that!  And really, that is exactly what it was!! Mom and dad brought along a few items to facilitate this, and a blanket that Grandma made, and from there, there was very little direction.  They were so easy going, and so easy to talk to and I love that.

Thank you for welcoming me into your lives, if only breifly, Chad and Iilene.  It was a perfect night for a beautiful family!  And Julie, thank you for thinking of me and purchasing the gift certificate for your friends!!  Enjoy!


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