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East Coast Bound!

KaitlinSheran Photography is taking a week’s hiatus!

I miss my family! So, it’s time to remedy that with some real soul food: sun sweatin’, east-coast pizza eatin’,  wave crashin’, cousin’ gigglin’, real fried bologna, sand between the toes, belly laughin’, game playin’, love, lots of love, and and family.

It’s off to Jersey shore I go folks–that’s right, I’m gettin’ my “Snookie” on!  Not! Jersey shore has been dear to my heart since before I can remember.  I am lucky enough to still have family on the shore, and to have a place to go “home” to all these years later.

It’s a place that just warms my heart and makes me smile just with a fleeting thought of it.  Last year this place because even more dear to me, as I brought my fiance’ there for the first time, right after he proposed to me!  AMAZING.  I can’t wait to make it back!

Here are some of my favorite last year pics:

Please be patient with any slow responses.  I will get back to you on August 9th or 10th, I promise!

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