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Elf on a Shelf

Okay, so it may be a little too late for this year, but a tradition worth remembering for next!

My best friend’s brother found this and shared it, and I’m so glad he did!!

The magic of Christmas never underwhelms me.  Even now at the “ripe” old age of 27 (in two weeks).  Everything about it gets me all verklempt.

Every year I wonder, “Is this the year I will be able to sleep through the night,” {Without visions of sugar plums and fairies dancing through my head}?  The funny part is, it isn’t the presents, or the cookies I remember so fondly.  It’s the smells, facial expressions, and traditions.  The vision of our tree, and the endless moments my mother would spend sewing needles through popcorn and cranberries…even after the dog callously ate half.  The luminaries that lined the neighborhood, and my imagination telling me, “Santa surely will not miss our house!”   The anticipation of being in the same room with family and friends who filled my heart, and the excitement of sharing what Santa had brought me.  Holding babies new to the family and playing with the old.  The taste of my favorite chip dip, and the mustache of my father’s famous eggnog.  The bells that hung on our doorknob being rung, while all the little feet scampered to see if Santa had come.  Laying out carrots and finding reindeer prints in the snow and crumbs only on the plate because with Santa around, that’s a cookie’s only fate!  I remember my father reading from the bible trying to explain, the reason for being on those glorious nights.

It’s possible the experience was only so unforgettable because I had parents who were willing to give us everything they had, year after year, and who wanted us to have the experience every child should get even if only once.  And though I don’t have my own little ones just yet, I’d imagine Christmas morning can be one of those moments for parents when they sit back and relish in their lives and the happiness in their child’s hearts.    I cannot wait to do that for my kids, knowing for me  that it isn’t about the gifts but the season, and the experience.  THAT is why I am IN LOVE with this product!

Elf On A Shelf

Really, you don’t need the actual product for the full effect (though the website is fun!).  However, with this product you get the elf and a great book to tell you about his story and reason for being.  The idea behind this product is what is really neat.   This elf  “magically” arrives sometime during the Christmas season.  Then,( you can make your own tradition), you have you’re child(ren) tell him what they want for Christmas.  The next morning the Elf is gone!  Or just simply moved to a different location in the house, keeping an eye on the little ones to report back whether they’ve been naughty or nice!  Randomly the elf can appear back in their bedroom, or on the fireplace mantel, or wherever you’d like!  Just imagine the anticipation of a little mind wondering if Mr. Elf would arrive!

I did a little google search and found these PRECIOUS pictures! And fun little stories on fellow blogger sites to go along with them:

Seriously, look at that face!!  This is the magic of the season, people!!  I am going to start keeping my eyes out for the best little shelf elf for my little ones….I’ve got time 😉

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!!

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