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Fer Real Friday: An affordable new option for displaying your pictures


If you’re like me, you love displaying your favorite images all over your house (for me, to a fault).  Also, if your like me, you like to save some money!  I personally LOVE the look and feel of having my pictures on canvas, and on my walls.  But it can be EXPENSIVE to get a good quality canvas.  You can find good deals and big box stores selling canvas prints now, but if I am going to spend the money on a canvas, I want it to look exactly like the pictures I submit.  That tends to not be the case with big box printing companies.  (see a related blog post here)

Welp, I’ve come across a new love.  The standout print!  I’m happy to announce that I will be adding these to my catalogue next week!!  Starting at just $45 for an 8×10 print!!  A canvas is $75 for an 8×10; I mean ‘fer real ya’ll how could you go wrong!!!  A professional quality new fun way to display your images with a $30 savings that gives you the same feel as a canvas.  LOVE!!!!

I just got a few in the mail, and I just had to share the love (fer real):


{On the right is my wall with a canvas portrait on the left and a standout on the right}


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