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‘Fer Real Friday: Show a little love

I recently experienced a situation that caught me a bit off guard, and it provided me with the perfect subject for my next topic of my ‘Fer Real Friday series….

I don’t usually like to talk about this type of stuff.  Infact, I like to avoid it at all costs, because I like portrait experience to be about my clients, and I want it to be enjoyable.  So I’ll keep it short but simple.

I believe it’s true.  Anyone could take a picture, and really anyone could take a great picture.  For some it’s a little easier than others but ultimately, like all art,

it’s all about the “eye of the beholder” baby.


However, I don’t think many people realize the effort, practice, time, love, and money that a professional portrait photographer puts into capturing your moments.  I’ve said it many times, and I don’t mind saying it again; I do this because I love it, not to make millions.  However, I too have a family to care for, mouths to feed, and needs to fill, just like you.  So while I work from home around my daughters schedule, and manage my own jobs, and do something fantastically fun, I still deserve no less than any of you.  I still work extremely hard, and put myself into every job 100%.

In this digital age, the portrait photography world has ballooned beyond proportion.  With a little bit of cash, and some willing participants it seems you can turn any corner and find a photographer.  And so, you can choose who you’d like to share your moments with within your price range.  I make every effort to keep my packages priced as reasonably as possible, for me and you.  I want you to get quality prints and options to choose from; all while surviving this industry at the same time.  You may find other photographers have better packages, and you are free to use them; but we are all different and run our businesses how best fits our needs.

So please respect my packages and prices for what they are, not what they aren’t.

I found a graphic someone put together to share that is very informative, eye-opening, and true.  It was until I saw this about a year ago or so, that even I realized how much time, money and effort I put into each session and wedding.  I don’t mind it, infact, I think because I never realized it shows how much I love it.  But, in the end, profit needs to be had, and mouths need to be fed.


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