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First year in review {part 3}

This adorable little girl came into the world as a little sister to a most adorable big brother–who did not want to cooperate.  This was my first experience with the terrible two’s at a photo session.  Not only did he not want to be in any of the pictures Vera was in, when we tried to take pictures of just him, he refused to look at the camera!  And that my friends is the beauty of child photography!  I have learned that unless it is an absolute necessity, I don’t like using my 10 ft. seamless backdrop.  I want to be able to capture a child in his natural inhibitions and the beauty of their personality. It is really difficult to do that when you set up a humongous roll of paper in their play-space and ask them to sit still!  Mind you, just because it is more difficult to do that isn’t the reason I prefer not to.  I just believe that the best pictures come from natural interaction.  It has been hard for me to turn down requests for standard portrait session with a blank background and posed images–but I think that is the direction I want to be moving in.  This session taught me to appreciate every second of a cooperating child, and to trust my gut when it comes to things I can and cannot, want and don’t want to do. In any case, I got to spend the morning with this beautiful family and their precious new baby girl Vera 🙂

These two boys are so precious, it was no wonder all grandma wanted for her birthday was to get pictures done with his beautiful family!  Happy Birthday Grandma! (I hope I look as good as you when I’m a grandma!)  We picked one of the hottest, muggiest, and mosquito filled days for our photo session with the Knutson family.  I asked Ryan to tag along with me because I was unsure how things would work out seeing as we were dealing with two toddlers.  In the end it was a perfect afternoon to wander around in the park behind their house and snag a few pictures of them just having a good time, and I could hardly resist those big blue eyes and chubby cheeks myself!

Kristin was the first brave soul to let me take her senior portraits.  The night before, I don’t think I got any sleep.  I remember how anxious I was about getting my own senior portraits (over ten years ago! Holy cow!) and I was desperate to please her!  I couldn’t have asked for a better girl to set out on my first senior adventure with!  She was stunning, and she wasn’t afraid to strut her stuff.  She said she’d love to be a model, and that released my inner rock-star and allowed me to feel comfortable posing her in ways that she fell into so naturally.  Half the time, honestly, I didn’t have to tell her what to do at all.  I’m not ashamed to say, for about five minutes the two of us had an “America’s Next Top Model” mini-session (our style) and it was TONS of fun!  I fell in love with senior portraiture during this shoot, and I still think its my very favorite thing to do.  I love talking to budding adults about their dreams and aspirations, and really getting to know them.  They are all so beautiful in their own way it makes photographing them so much fun!!!  Thanks Kristin!

Ahh yes.  Sapphire.  I loved working with Sapphire, at first she was shy and not really into the whole picture thing, but I think she loosened up.  Not only was she completely gorgeous, she had this really quite confidence to her that I wanted to exploit.  We took a little time in-front of the backdrop before we headed to the UW Arboretum where we hit BEAUTIFUL sunlight.  Sapphire was brave enough to tromp through the brush with me to get right int he center of the sun-drenched field where we captured some of my favorite images from the day.  I’ll be honest, I had so many favorites it took me an hour to pick the 7 for this post!


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