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Florida Family Fun

It’s true what they say.  As soon as you have kids, being away from your parents, siblings, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins and the like becomes SO much harder.  But it’s made me appreciate my visits SO much more.  I know it is hard on them, as much as it is on me, but I am SO lucky and so thankful for every ounce of family time Tessa gets to soak in.   She is so loved.  We are so loved.

In truth, family time is multiplied by fun factor times 100 because my family lives in Florida.  My parents’ good karma caught up with them when my dad’s coworker offered to GIVE him his old boat.  It has been a huge blessing for them.  It has become their paradise, an excuse for family time, and a way to unwind on the tale end of all the rough times they’d endured the past ten years.  I look forward to heading out on the water every time we go there, and its so cool to see my parents so happy.  This was Tess’s SECOND boat ride, if you count the time she went in-utero!  She LOVED it.  She fell asleep on our way to Egmont Key island, and nodded off on the way home . She also had no fear of swimming in the gulf!  It was a gorgeous day, with family, sand, sun, beautiful water, beautiful surroundings, and what I can now call my little beach baby.  She loved it!

I will have more for ya’ll from this trip, but I’ll keep it spread throughout “My Own” Monday’s series.


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