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For all of us shorties out there….

my foot rest.

So, sure, you 5’6” and taller people may never understand the need or desire for something so fabulous.  But when you’re 5’4” and you’ve gone your whole life with legs that barely touch the ground on a normal height chair this product is fabulous!

Ergonomics people.  Do you catch yourself always looking for a place to put your feet when you’re on the couch, or in your office chair?  Does your back begin to buckle after sitting for a while?  I bet you never considered the genius of a simple foot rest!   This year for Christmas, I decided I needed one for my office desk, seeing as I’ve almost broke the barely there supports on the back of my computer a few times now trying to maneuver my feet in-between the V they create.  When I began my search I was very disappointed with the result–who wants some dinky old plastic office footrest?

Instead, as I was finishing my search on they were nice enough to suggest I might like this:

They were right.  Sure, it’s targeted for new and expectant mothers, and isn’t the most professional looking thing…and no, I didn’t expect to ever use the little foot pockets to keep me warm…..BUT I AM RIGHT NOW!

Seriously, this may have been my best buy of the year. It’s soft, and unexpectedly comfortable not to mention it keeps my ice-cube feet a little warmer–which any loved one will appreciate!

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