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Friday Night

It’s Friday!!!  I love getting excited about this for a reason unfamiliar to me.  Over the past few years Friday has meant different things to me based on different stages of my life.  Today, I was (well Tessa was really) skyping with Auntie Sam and I was reminded it was Friday.  Which made me realize A: I need to get myself into some sort of routine so I know what freaking day of the week it is, and B: It’s Friday.

A few years ago, every other Friday just meant to me I’d have to go to work the next day and miss out on another weekend.  A miserable feeling really.  And then I moved up in the world and got a M-F job in the same field and Friday was “YAHOO ITS FRIDAY!” and I got to spend two days doing whatever my little heart fancied.  And now, I’m excited on Friday because Friday night my hubby can relax without work on his mind, and Saturday and Sunday I get to revel in extra daddy-baby time while my little family does whatever our little family wants to do…as a little family.  And seriously, it’s the best. I LOVE Friday!

This weekend I am excited to spend Sunday afternoon with the cutest little family and what might possibly be the most awesome dog, Marley.  I’m secretly hoping for a bit more snow, and some nicely powdered trails and maybe a few dog-prints in the snow!  And of course I’m excited to explore some new outdoor territory.

{Wednesday night sky}

I am also on a mission to complete a homework assignment from the lovely Jasmine Star’s reSTARt program I mentioned here.   My mission is to go on a photo-safari, and take pictures of things that I like, or things that strike me, and possibly resemble me.  Colors, patterns, clothing, anything.  The purpose is to: 1. to hone my photo skills; and 2. to force me to make conscious decisions about what you want to shoot. I’ll be posting my results soon!

What are your goals for the weekend?  Whatever they are, hug someone you love!

{Camp Randall Wednesday night}

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