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Hellllo 2013!!

Hellllooo 2013!!

Did I really just say that? I mean, I still feel like I need to set my alarm for 6am, roll out of bed, and try and make it to my first period class!  But oh, that was SO 11 years ago-say whaaatt?!  Oh, high school you were so good to me. . .

I am so excited to move forward in this new year with a fresh start, new inspiration, and endless possibilities!  I am SO lucky to have a supportive husband, who pushes me and wants me succeed at things that I love to do.  He works so hard, and has given our family the opportunity to allow me to stay home with our beautiful new baby, and peruse my passion as my full-time gig!  Seriously, how lucky am I?! Thank you babe.

Today marks the beginning of a fabulous fresh start for KaitlinSheran Photography and I think that the possibilities are endless.  If you dream it, you can do it.  So, I’m putting my fancy pants on and as Jasmine Star would say “I’m dressing for the job I want to have, not the one I’ve got!” (because lets face it, if I dressed for the job I’ve got, sitting here talking to ya’ll I’d never be out of my sweatpants, and spit-up stained T-shirts)

I’ve taken a little time to write down and try to map out some of the goals I have for myself, my clients, and my business this year and for the future, so get excited…here we go!

1.Continue exploring new educational opportunities

So far, so good.  I started a three month course a la the lovely Jasmine Star thatI’m hoping will help me refocus, reStart, and meet my goals.  I’ll be sad come March when it’s over.

2.Establish my visual voice…I’m thinking it will be:


What do you think? When you look at my images, what works strike you?  Or, when you think of hiring a photographer,  what would you be looking for? Leave a comment and let me know!

3. Seek out some unique opportunities for a photo session.  Offer services for free if needed.

I’m thinking along the lines of a bride who wants to slip back into her dress post wedding, or do some bridal photos PREwedding.  I’d like to set up a little vignette and try and get some great stylized photos to match my ‘branding’ words (Timeless….Lovely….You)

  I wouldn’t mind also trying to do some stylized family/child shoots.

AND I would LOVE to capture an actual engagement….do you know anyone?! Send them my way!!

4. Offer mini-sessions seasonally

I will be offering mini photo sessions (probably about 45mins with about 10-20 images) at set locations for each season. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  I’ll offer more details when I have dates and times planned.  If you are interested but know you have something unmissable going on on certain dates let me know ASAP so I can try and  help  you out and schedule around it (no guarentees but I’ll try).

5. Within two years, book sessions in the Coatesville/Philly area and Tampa area upon travel!

6.  Reach out to Seniors!!

7. Blog at LEAST biweekly
And ready for it?  This is the BEST one!…….
I have another whole page of to-do’s and goals but they aren’t nearly as fun for ya’ll (or me) so I’ll spare you!  So, what do you think?
 It’s time to get EXCITED!
If you aren’t already a fan of my facebook page, check it out!  That’s where you’ll likely first hear of all these fabulous things!

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