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Home sweet home.

It’s funny how quickly you forget about everything you once thought you’d miss so much when you submerge yourself into something new!  We are finally in our new digs, and loving it.  MOST of our boxes are unpacked, I know where everything I need at a given moment is (for the most part), and I actually allowed myself to lay on the couch last night and watch TV.  (Whew, nothing like a little kick-back to make you realize how exhausted you actually are!)

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of organization, collaboration, and hard physical labor and I’m starting to see [somewhat] of a finish line in sight!  We have a few projects on our to-do list before Tessa’s first birthday party in August–fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!


To all my clients, readers, and friends: thanks for being patient with me while I got my life organized again.  For me, the saying “your mind is only as clean as your home,” is 100% accurate.  I can’t process, think, or function when I don’t know where my things are, and if I can’t see the floor where I should!  I know I have made a few mistakes for a few of you in the process (like addressing you wrong in emails etc.–nothing drastic) and I really appreciate your understanding!!

I think we are mostly settled in (though my computer/office is currently the kitchen table), and we are really happy we moved!! I joined a playgroup in here, and we’ve already been to two gatherings and Tessa is LOVING it.  It’s ah-mazing what a difference it makes in her attitude and personality when she gets to socialize and play outside of the house! Hubby is getting used to his new commute, which really isn’t TOO much different than before; and I am excited about the potential we have to grow our family and friends in this lovely little town.


I am still going to be servicing most of Southern Wisconsin for photos–my travel fee will just be based out of SunPrairie for anything outside of SunPrairie/Madison.  So please, keep spreading the word–you my friends are my greatest asset!

Have a GREAT weekend!

(ps. I will start blogging more regularly next week, so if your waiting for a post, check back  or follow me on Facebook!)

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