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I heart Faces "texture"= I Heart Grams

Amongst my frustration amidst my trying to figure out my statistics homework, I started browsing around looking at different photog sites as I often do.  I stumbled upon a site called iheartfaces which hosts photo competitions weekly.  Usually I am uninspired by the topics but this one came to me and it just seemed like it was meant to be.

A couple times this week I have been thinking about my Great Grandma Sheran.  It’s funny; I used to HATE my middle name, Sheran.  I was given this name as it was my mom’s grandma’s last name, and in this way it has been carried on.  It wasn’t until fairly recently that I learned to embrace it and acknowledge the importance it holds in my life.  Not just the name, but the lessons and love behind it.  I don’t think a name really makes someone who they are but being constantly reminded of my great grandma through my name and the strength and wisdom she enveloped surely had to have some mention in who I have become today.

With the disaster in Haiti, I began to think of all the hardships my family has gone through and really how different life was when Grams was my age.  Surely the Haiti catastrophe is insurmountable on a much larger scale than anything really that has happened to my loved ones…but it makes you reflect on the people you love, and the people you have loved, and the people you miss.  For some reason my gut reaction on learning about the devastation is to think of my Grams.  Perhaps its because she’s my closest farthest link back to really hard times in my family.  Perhaps it is because between her and my maternal grandmother, Evelyn (her daughter) I know that lost spirits will be loved within theirs.  Really I don’t know why, but I know they are missed.

When I saw that texture was the competition theme this week at iheartfaces This picture of Grams instantly popped into my head.  I knew that the lines of wisdom in Grams face would be a perfect match.  The texture of life, and knowledge is undeniable.

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