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i Love LOVE! give-away

I mean, who doesn’t love love.

I’m not talking the about mushy gushy eye-rolling it can’t be real kind of love.  I’m just talking about the notion of love.  Everyone’s had love of some type.  The fuzzy lap cat that slinks over to your ankles when you come home; the slightly warm apple pie your mom makes for Thanksgiving; your dad’s embrace, or nuzzles from your baby sibling.  Or how about that one flick you have to watch on Christmas eve, or your birthday EVERY YEAR. It’s love. And I love it.

Happy Valentine’s day ya’ll.  Something else I love, is YOU! I pulled out some of my favorite LOVELY images from the past and I am putting them in your hands, internet!!  This is a facebook competition.  I will be doing at least one of these EVERY year moving forward, with all my favorite images from the year (lucky you!).

The Rules: 

  • To be entered, you must get at least 15 ‘likes’ on your image. Doesn’t matter from who, but you must have at least 15.  So rally up your facebook friends and tell them to “like” your picture!
  • You must tag yourself/selves.
  • Voting ends at 10PM CST on February 21, 2013, winner will be announced on February 22th.
  • The image with the most ‘likes’ wins!
The Prize:
You have three options of beautiful wall art from my product list with the image of your choice from your session:   
  1. A float wrap.  Your choice, size 16×16, 16×20, 11×14, 12×12, 12×18, or 10×20 (or smaller)
             2. A standout wall hanging.  Your choice, size 16×20 or smaller.
           3. A beautiful boutique frame.  Your choice of style 8×10, or 10×10.  We will discuss details.

 The Entrants:


Please, show them some love!! Go here to vote!! Share your favorite with your friends, and tell them to “like” your favorite image before February 27!

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