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I love that the Packers are going to the Superbowl but…

I’m more excited about my own wedding!

Is it a shame that I distracted myself with wedding crafts during the game in attempt to keep myself from getting too involved?

I’ve recently realized why I have distanced myself from the rough-and-tumble football season.  I get way too involved when I know who to root for.  And this has gotten much worse now that I have invested interest in the feelings of a near life-long Packers fan, my fiance’.  Today, if you don’t know, the blood-rivalry of the year played out: The Packers vs. The Bears.  Turns out, the Bears still suck.  Bottom line, my stomach still feels as if someone poured some sour milk down my throat and I’m still trying to catch my breath…the atmosphere, between Ryan the Cats and the incoming text messages, throughout the game was to put it mildly–tense.

The result? I was able to finish most of the work for the place-cards at my wedding!  Yep, turns out nervous energy relates happily to a pair of scissors and two hundred-some outlined flowers that need to be cut out.

In the end, we all win.  I am steps closer to being done with the “grunt work” of wedding planning and I have a happy soon-to-be family.  What more can a girl ask for?

Check back Wednesday for my first “installment?” of Wedding Wednesday!!!

Happy Footballing!

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