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It’s all in the ‘Starrs’ {Newborn photography}

It’s been a really hard week for my family.  We lost a loved one tragically and unexpectedly, very young.  It’s sent everyone into a state of pondering their own life decisions, and reflecting on their closest relationships–making calls just to say “I love you” and trying to make sense of this world, life, and all the uncertainties that come along with it.  I’ve been holding my baby tighter, and cuddling a little longer before bed.  But also, reminding me to be grateful for all that I have.  All that I’ve experienced.  And to appreciate this life that I have been given just a little bit more, all of it.  Even the distance that I hate to much, between myself and my family.

My sister in-law posted a photo of my niece today, she’s already 3 months old.  How did that happen?!  I hate missing out on moments with her, with them.  I hate the miles between us.  But I’m so thankful for the moments I do get with them.  Maddison was born in February, and I finally got to meet her just short of a month afterward.  She is perfect. It was really amazing to see my brother with his two daughters.  To watch him with his first newborn baby girl–I get goosebumps thinking about it.  They live in Florida, so I didn’t have my normal newborn set-up, but I really wanted to get a few shots for them to have, and after taking photos of my niece Olivia (click to read more) I learned just how special it was to have the opportunity to take pictures for family members.  (nieces and nephews in particular!)

I’m really behind on blogging my sessions (obviously), but I think it is about time I posted these–and upon reflecting on all the good in my life amongst the bad, and sad, I’d say this is really the epitome of it all.  New life, new love, it’s all part of the inevitable…but man am I glad I get one.  A life, to love, to laugh, to cry.  We all do, and our story is our own.  Jayson, Ashley, Kayla, and Maddy, I’m SO happy you are a part of mine!!

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