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It’s time to pay it forward!

We are having a great time visiting family here in Florida.  Coming here at the ‘end’ of Wisconsin winter is really dangerous, because I seriously begin to work out the logistics of packing up and moving back here–something I swore I’d never do!  We love where we live–but mylanta this winter has been a drag!!

It got me to thinking how I wish I could have everyone of you down here with me–out of the tundra for a bit.  Wouldn’t that be awesome–if I could pack ya’ll up in my suitcase and let you free under the warm sunshine for a couple weeks?!?!  Turns out Delta wouldn’t allow it, and I gave them enough trouble trying to get myself, my child, and my camera gear down here in one piece with a 10 minute layover in Atlanta…soooo, I’ve come up with the next best thing…

I am going to give away one free session to a family YOU think deserves it!  

The Rules:

  • Submit a photo of a family/friend/baby/animal (whatever!) you think deserves a photo session to or through my Facebook page messaging inbox before March 21st.  Please add a little blurb about why they are deserving.
  • You may submit your own family but I encourage you to pay-it-forward!
  • I will make an album with all photos open for voting March 21-28.  The photo with the most ‘likes’ and/or comments will win the free session.  The person who submitted the photo (unless it was your own) will get 50% off a session.
  • The winner must travel to the SunPrairie/Madison area for their free session–Session must be claimed before November 2014.


So, what are you waiting for!! Let me see those photos!!!

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