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Jasmine Star Workshop {Chicago}

A couple weeks ago I spent the day soaking up knowledge, excitement, inspiration and encouragement at a *fabulous* workshop in Chicago.  Since before I actually started my business I have know about this awesome California-based photog, Jasmine Star. I’ve been drawn to her particularly because, business-wise, she’s an open book.  She’s wildly successful, hugely influential, and smart, passionate AND compassionate on top of it all.  I’ve know this through her blog–but after actually meeting her and her husband JD in person, it was confirmed and beyond.

I went to this workshop with one goal: Don’t throw up, don’t be stupid, and keep an open mind.  Doing this sort of thing is way out of my comfort zone.  It’s beyond my confidence level, and it took everything in me not to fake sickness and call it a day…before I walked in the door.  If you can believe it, I got to Robyn Rachel’s studio (where the workshop was) about an hour when I started seeing other photogs begin to show up in the parking lot I had to force myself to stop hiding in the back of the car in fear of awkward hellos!!  But I did.  And I actually initiated conversations and hellos.  Goal? Met.  My work here was complete.  Now all I had to do was sit back and LEARN.  I’m good at doing that!

Strangely enough, I didn’t have a short list of what I wanted to get out of this workshop (other than moving passed my own weird social quirks).  But the very first thing Jasmine did was focus us and force us to come up with what we wanted to gain the most out of the workshop. She’s a pro–it was extremely helpful.  I told her I wanted to learn how to pose people more candidly, naturally and easily.  

We spent the first part of the day in the studio listening to Jasmine talk about the business aspect of things.  I learned a lot.  But what I didn’t expect to learn, and follow through with was a better way to manage my workflow.  I have always been aware of a lot of things she mentioned but for some reason I never let them seem applicable to me.  The second I got home, I couldn’t wait to begin implementing them.  I’m all about efficiency, and this workshop was the little extra kick I needed to really get there!  

After lunch, we made our way outside (and in) at Salvage One to take some pictures.  We had BEAUTIFUL models and a beautiful day.  The vendors that made them even more stunning were outstanding:

Hair: Nicci Loiacono 
Makeup: Megan Hauser 
Accessories: Left Bank Jewelry 
Dress: Valentino from Belle Vie Bridal 
Tuxedo: Formally Modern Tuxedo 
Flowers: A Stem Above

I am so pleased with this experience and so happy I did it!  I can’t wait to go to more workshops in the future.  It’s  just amazing how much information was packed into 1 short day!

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