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Learning my Camera: A to Z

I am SOOO excited that school is out and I can spent some more one-on-one/bonding/special time with my favorite ambiguous thing–MY CAMERA!!

I envy the people who take the time to do things like taking a picture-a-day etc.  and have wanted to do something fun to help me develop my eye (and train me how to finesse manual mode) but I haven’t really had time to do so–really you should see my calendar–some people think I have issues (I probably do, but we’ll save that for another post).

So now that I have no school until late August/September I figured it’d be the PERFECT time to make myself do a little leg work.

ANNOUNCING:  Learning my Camera: A to Z.

Here’s the deal.  I have this awesome camera, and I can take decent photos with it, but I need to become WAY more comfortable with it’s abilities in order to better serve you!    To do this, I am embarking on this assignment.

Every week this summer I will focus on a letter of the alphabet.  This week it will be A.  In doing this I need to take pictures that push my comfort level somehow focusing on the letter A, whether this be “aperture” or I take a picture of “apples” with a new setting–whatever it be it must correlate to A.  Some weeks I may double letters, for example “X” will be a hard week…so I might combine “W” and “X” to make it more interesting.  I will post my photos from the week on Sundays (I think).

Can’t wait!!  Please feel free to comment, criticize, and enjoy my posts along my journey!

For now, I thought I’d post one of my favorite black-and-white photos in relation to my previous post from Ashley and Johns wedding…

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