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2016-02-14_0002My Valentine.  A constant reminder of progress, love, patience and gratitude.  Sometimes, it’s hard being a photographer’s kid–often behind my lens, other times, pushed to the side while I capture other people’s moments throughout our own days.  But she handles it with grace and understanding (for now).  And I try my best not to ask too much of her anymore–After trying to compile memory books for the first two years of her life and being completely overwhelmed with the droves of photos to use, unable to pick favorites, I realized I probably spent too much time worrying about making a hard copy of the moment instead of just breathing it in.  Because of that, I have noticed her asking me more and more to take pictures of her, instead of the other way around.  With that, a huge amount of made up pressure left my back and I know she recognizes I’m more present.

A couple weeks ago, I was in my studio getting ready for a session when I heard her running down the stairs with our puppy, Charlie, on her heels.  I had left her upstairs in her Pj’s and morning hair but she presented to me fully clothed and proud as could be.


She said, “mom, if you need me I’m ready to be your tester… I put on my I love you sweater..”  How could I say no to that?  I knew the moment would be fleeting so I encouraged her to do whatever she wanted and she felt so awesome for that quick 5 minutes and my momma heart was overjoyed.

(um please, that solo dog shot? Hilarious.)


Not perfect or technically impressive but they are some of my favorite ever.  Organic, her being her, doing her thing, and unforced.

We are in the home stretch of growing her baby sister, and she really has no idea how much her world will be rocked.  But I know, as with everything else in her life, she will handle it with grace and wisdom beyond her very short years.  It’s only because of her ability to love and understand that I am not worried about the ability to mother TWO, because even at three, she knows when I need her most–to step up, to love more, to be patient, or to just give me a hug.  Selfish I know.  But wholly true too.

Take some time to just soak it all in today.  The best, romantic gift we’ve been given is this life we live.  It’s all around us, in the simple, most meaningful gestures that are fleeting in our daily lives.


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