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Madison Wedding Photographer {Mr. and Mrs. Prehn}

I loved this wedding.  It really celebrated what a wedding is about. It’s about him and her, and celebrating with the people they love!  When I met Kate and Justin, I knew instantly they were honest, laid back heartfelt people.  Justin has a certain quiet gentleness about him that Kate pulls out with her outgoing personality.  They just seem to  fit perfectly.  Justin said, “you know, everyone always said to me–when you gonna get married–or, when I finally asked Kate to marry me–It’s about time!–but you know what, NO.  Now was the right time.  It took me this long to find Kate.  And if it took me this long to find the perfect girl for me, than this is the right time.”   I mean, seriously! How sweet is this guy!?!

When we met for their engagement pictures a couple months before the wedding, I found out that Kate had most everything ready but still needed to get some vendors locked down.  For example, she didn’t have flowers for bouquets yet–but knew she’d by fresh flowers the morning of for the reception and make the centerpieces herself.  My heart sank–I would have been panicking if I was her–but she wasn’t.  I suggested using silk flowers to this DIY bride, and the next thing I knew she had made her own!  Her family put some flowers in vases the morning of and set them out on the family-style tables for the reception and voila. Easy peasy!

Sometimes, as wedding photographers, we get swept up in the details.  We thrive on ornate, over-the-top additions behind our lenses and sharing the stories we tell on our blogs.  And sometimes it’s easy to fall into the–BORING–trap when there isn’t a million little things to capture.  While Justin and Kate had PLENTY to photograph, it simply wasn’t one of those hog-wild expensive weddings.  And. I. Loved. That.  It really makes me, the photographer, focus on the important things and focus on telling their story through them, and their family.  (The important things.)  These two were so in love and happy, and FUN that it was easy to do just that!

Congrats you two!  I hope married life is treating you kindly, and you never loose the spark I saw in you on your wedding day.  You guys are a beautiful couple and I am so happy I had the pleasure of meeting you and working with you!! Hope to hear from you in the future! 🙂



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