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Madison WI Engagement Photographer~ Kate and Justin

I’m so happy I’ve had the opportunity to meet Kate and Justin!  They are a beautiful couple who really just seem meant to be.  They knew of each other for years before they finally gave one another a shot and in the end it seems as thought it was just meant to be!  Kate and Justin are working their butts off  (like picking up extra jobs hard) for their wedding in June and I can’t wait to capture it for them!!  I always look forward to events that have such sweat and elbow grease put into them because everyone appreciates them so much more–and I know that this will be the case with Kate and Justin.  They are both thoughtful people who really care about their family and each other and this emanates from both of them effortlessly.  For example, while spending this beautiful spring evening with them at the arboretum I was photographing Kate’s beautiful engagement ring and she told me a story about how this man once scoffed at the size, implying it wasn’t good enough and that his fiancé’ had a bigger one.  But Kate overcome with emotion and clear appreciation responded quickly by saying, “yeah, but does it have any meaning to it?!”  Kate’s ring is so special because it has a history of love and is a testament of time.  It’s a symbol of the generation of love before her, and any ring with that value would be good enough to her.  I love those types of stories, and I love those kind of people.

Thanks for a fun evening you guys! It was so fun meeting you and I can’t wait until June to meet you as bride and groom!!!


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