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Madison Wisconsin child photographer {Jaxon is one!}

I couldn’t believe it when Melissa contacted me for Jaxon’s one year photos–I feel like I JUST met them for his six month photos.  Man how time flies!  I loved seeing how much this little guy has grown–he’s on the move!! Its fun comparing little ones with my own–and this guy, he’s got the walking thing down unlike my baby!  I had so much fun chasing him around… And really, who can resist a blue eyed babe with blonde curls in an adorable little lumberjack plaid on?!

We met on a really crappy cold weather day, but we had already planned to meet at the Overture center so it worked out just fine–however, next time, I’ll think to check out the event schedule!  It was my first time shooting at the Overture center, so I was excited to try it out, and I just love the modern clean look of everything in there!  We hit the timing right for most of the pictures, but because an event was at intermission for the end, we didn’t get to check out all the areas we could’ve.  Oh well, there’s always next time!! Thanks for meeting with me Melissa and Jiri; Jaxon is a heartbreaker…watch out!


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