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Madison Wisconsin engagement photographer {Alissa & Tony}

Minutes before I met them, I watched a (assumed to be) college freshman back into a sparkly Jaguar in his dad’s pickup truck as he forgot about the four bikes attached to the back.  It was loud, anyone within the half-mile radius stopped all bottle-necked to see what had happened. (Poor kid)  I couldn’t help but think that I **really hoped** that, along with the need to reschedule this session due to weather once before, this session may not have been meant to be.

I was wrong.  So wrong.  Alissa and Tony drove down from Minneapolis to get their pictures taken in Madison, the city they love, and the town where they met.   As we made our way around town, the memories of their experiences while here for school kept flooding back to them and it was such a fun way to spend the evening.  They met at the Kollege Klub, and Tony remembered exactly where he was standing when they talked their very first time.  It was so cool to be able to retrace that experience and capture them, newly engaged in that same spot.

When I got home that evening, I looked at myself as I got ready for a shower and I looked like I already had taken one.  It was VERY warm and SUPER humid, but Alissa and Tony took everything in stride.  No complaining, no regrets, just laughter and love–which was so awesome to see.   I enjoyed every second of that evening, and left super energized to get back downtown to shoot another!  Thank you so much Alissa and Tony for making the trek to M-Town, and being such sports all evening.  But an even bigger thank you for choosing me!  It was a total pleasure 🙂


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