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Meyer Family {Sun Prairie Family and Child Photographer}

The second I saw this little bow-tie pop out from underneath this little sweetie’s sweater coupled by his big gummy smile and stunning blue eyes, I knew we were going to have a good night!  And boy was I right.  Mom and dad found me through a session that I did for a friend of theirs and I’m so thankful for that!

It’s sessions like this one, where everyone is totally laid back, hilarious, and open to adventure that make me love doing what I do.  I love being a historian for everyone because I love looking into the lives of others, if for only one moment.  Because I learn so much from each client I work with.

I love taking photos for families with their first baby around six months because the excitement and awe that oozes from mom and dad is always so palpable.  The love and pride for their little one is just so contagious. It reminds me of how we should feel for our children always–because sadly, that intensity dwindles as our babies grow.  The feelings are probably always there but the intensity fades, because, well, life happens.  But we are our baby’s best cheerleaders as parents; and so, shouldn’t we muster up that fervent joy on the daily for them? Isn’t that our job?

I got home to my own babies after this session and realized that, while in no way ignored, my four year old wasn’t getting my fervent heart the way she deserved because her little sister was often the focus.  I’m so thankful for the reminder.  I love learning through you all, my beautiful photo-clients!

Anyway, enough about me.  Check out this stud!


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