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Now that the weekend passed the month is officially more than half over.  As in, by the blink of an eye, it’s going to March.  And we all know, after March come June, then October, then we are all like, “I can’t believe it’s the holidays already!” Then January rolls around and we start all over again.

Being a new momma makes it all so different to me though.  I love the paradox of looking at my childhood (I giggle when I say that, as if my childhood was a different form of life for me….I still feel 7, riding my hot pink bike all gangsta’ running away from mom and dad) friend’s photos with their children, husbands, families, and careers and can’t help but feeling it’s not ‘our time’ yet.  I look at grown-ups, and think, I’m not there yet.  And then the baby cries, the washing machine beeps, and I get retrieve bills from the mailbox and I slip back into reality without further contemplation.

This week my baby is 6 months.  A whole half-year old.  Ryan and I keep saying, “really? Six months?”  I’m sure the way we were thrusted into parenthood and living in the hospital NICU for 45 monotomous days increases our sense of disbelief, but regardless we are in awe of our baby, each other, and our lives.  (You can read about her birth here.)

This week the momentum for the busy months ahead begins, and I feel myself digging my heels into the ground, and allowing myself to snuggle a few extra minutes before I put her in her crib to nap.  Admiring her growth, and smiling about the rest of her first year.  I just foresee the need to put on my seatbelt and hunker down for the ride, because the rest of this year is going to be fabulously crazy.

Of course, I get to continue to do what I love–photograph all of ya’ll.

Tessa starts swimming lessons this week.

Tessa has a surgery coming up, probably in March.

My mom and niece are coming to visit in the middle of March.  I’m soo excited to hang out with them. My little niece Kayla is 7 years old, full of life and spirit and a ton of fun.  I hope the Wisconsin weather isn’t too harsh for the little Florida girl, so we can get in some fun cousin time!

Tessa gets to meet some family she’s yet to meet at her first Easter at the end of March.

In April, I am leaving my baby for the first time for almost 5 whole days, to celebrate my BFF.  I am her Matron-of-honor in her May Pennsylvania wedding and I CANNOT WAIT.  I have been planning her shower and bachelorette party with the help of the rest of the wedding party and it’s going to be a blast.  I can’t wait to share the details etc. with everyone as it unfolds.

At the end of April, my big brother Jayson is getting Married! (in Florida).  I am over-the-moon thrilled for him, and I get choked up every time I think about it!  He took a long path to get to where he is but he is an amazing man and is doing great things in his life.  Tessa, is going to be a flower girl!

I am hoping to hook up some great families etc. with some photos there as well!  Check it out here.

In May, we will be driving to Pennsylvania for my best friend’s wedding.  Tessa will be making her second appearance as a lovely little flower girl 🙂

June and July are always busy photography months, and then before you know it August is going to roll around and Tessa will be 1 already!  (I can’t wait to plan a fabulous party for her!)

If this is any indication of what the bloggity has in store for ya’ll I’d bookmark it now!

For today though, I’m focusing on being present, appreciating what I have and enjoying the small things.

Happy Monday Ya’ll!

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