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Mr. and Mrs. Brunker!


It was a total joy to be a part of Sarah and Ryan’s big day.   The love they share together is abundant and clear to anyone who happens upon them together.  I don’t think that there was a point in the day, (even amongst her tears) that I saw Sarah stop smiling.  This girl had a fabulous grin plastered on her face, thanks to Ryan all day.  Ryan was such a sport to put up with not only the heat, but also myself–I would keep saying, “okay I think we are good” and then something else unmissable would strike me.  And not only did he have to deal with just me and my lens, but he was kind enough to let both Jenn Van Wyk and myself take pictures of him.  (Check out her blog, she’s awesome!)

Anyhow, what could have been a grumpy rainy day turned out to be a most perfect sunshiny day any bride could ask for.  And what a BEAUTIFUL bride Sarah was 🙂  Check out my favorites from their big day:


So Handsome!


His guys…




Her Girls…


The whole gang…




Congrats you guys! Thanks for letting me create memories of your day!

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