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My first year in review {part 2}

When Sarah asked me if I’d be interested in second shooting with Jenn Van Wyk at the beautiful Olbrich Gardens here in Madison, it didn’t take me more than a split second to respond with a resounding YES!  And then I realized I’d be –eek!–all alone to shoot her reception.  Jenn was great, she totally gave me confidence as she packed up her stuff and took off to her next event of the day.  Meanwhile, I sat in my car shakin’ in my boots–but more confident than I was at the beginning of the day!

Sarah and Ryan could not have had a more perfect day for an outside garden ceremony.  It was a little warm but it didn’t bother many.  The ceremony was perfect, it was heartfelt and emotional, with a touch of Ryan.  When it was time to exchange rings, he whipped out a bright red “ring pop” much to Sarah’s surprise.  I love when couples allow quirkiness into their what-is-supposed-to-be serious commitment of vows.

It was at this wedding, that I learned the importance of wearing comfortable shoes.  I learned it here, but I think I’ve yet to act on it….

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Ethan and Aiden when they were barely six months old back in 2009.  It’s so much fun being asked to continue capturing images of little ones as they grow, so when their mommy called me to see if I’d be willing to take 1 year pictures of the boys the day couldn’t get here soon enough!  It was incredible how much they had grown!  When I met them in 2009, they had JUST started “sitting” if you can call it that!  They didn’t last more than 30 seconds on their little bottoms!  This time, they didn’t last 30 seconds in the same spot!  We had a lot of fun running around after them trying to get great personality shots.

I’d worked with Lauren at my other job for about four years, and we had gotten to know each other fairly well.  We all would listen to her date stories and wishes, and when she started dating Brian we were all secretly sure, she’d marry him one day.  One night, I got a message from her saying she had gotten engaged!  So exciting!! Even more exciting (for me) she asked me to take some engagement pictures for her!  We picked a sticky humid August evening to take a walk through the marshy woods.  It’s a good thing I had learned by now to always carry bug-spray in my bag!  It turned out to be a great way to spend the evening and we had lots of fun! I’m so happy for these two!

Finally, (for this post anyway) the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson.  Kim is a dear friend whom I wish nothing but the best for.  I too, worked with Kim at my other job, and we became pretty good friends.  When Kim got engaged, there was no question that I would be at her wedding capturing her day.  It was the most beautiful day at the Allen Centennial Garden on the University of Wisconsin Campus.  And I had the most beautiful couple in-front of my lens!  Kim and Kyle are some of the gentlest, kindest spirits I’ve known who were clearly made for each other.  There was an overwhelming sense of serenity when Kyle held Kim in his arms, and it was my pleasure to capture these beautiful moments for them!

Thanks for lookin’!  Stay tuned for part 3!

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