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My first year in review {part 4}

I was lucky enough to spend a fabulous summer evening at an awesome barn with some of my own family.  Olivia is an upstanding teenager with a style and mind of her own who has a passion for all things horses, so I was more than thrilled when her mom asked if I’d spend some time taking some photos of her while on vacation this past summer!  We had so much fun (at least I did) trampling through old barns and haybails and trying to tame a camera-shy horse.  If I was a teen again, I’d want Livvie’s hobby–she’s become a fantastic equestrian and its amazing how much she began to glow as soon as we step foot on the farm.  Thanks for a great evening Liv!

I loved working with Leah.  Not only does she know how to work the camera with a quiet dignity, she really kind-of reminds me of myself at her age.  Leah wants nothing more than to get done with high school and move on with her life, and she’s already got her feet in knee deep with working hard at a multiple jobs.  Leah has a very quiet confidence that drew me to her, but looking through my lens I could see nothing but a big heart in those gorgeous blue-green eyes.  Leah, you’re stunning!

Sarah is a pretty cool cat.  I think that, if I was her age, we’d probably be BFFs.  She is basically my kindred spirit so we had no problem finding things to chat and laugh about as we walked around finding some awesome ph0to-ops this past summer.  Here it goes: we are both big band nerds!!  I had so much fun talking BAND with her and got all nostalgic to boot. I love Sarah because she’s not afraid to laugh at herself and be who she is.

When I met Alyssa, I was unsure how the evening would go.  Her dad was a bit cautious of me and pretty much unsure of the way things would go, and Alyssa seemed extremely shy.  Within minutes of our first few shots, a very nice woman stopped by and gave him what seemed like a bit of confidence, and as I was hanging near upside-down off a picnic table trying to get the right light I was finally able to get Alyssa to loosen up…and from there we had a very nice time.  Alyssa basically seems like one of those All-Star students.  She contacted me, and we got together within a week with a very tight yearbook deadline, but she informed me it was because he had been in Europe almost all summer!  How cool is that!  A once in a lifetime experience, and it sounds like she had a fantastic time.  I’d say, watch out for this girl!


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