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My own: Grandma’s here!!!

I don’t know who is more excited, me or my daughter.  I think she is beyyyyond sick of spending all day every day with me, and she LOVES being around people–lucky for her, Grandma adoressss her and is basically going to spoil her rotten with her time and attention.  Lucky for me, I have a built in babysitter to get some final things on my list of to-do since the move checked off!

There is seriously nothing more endearing than watching your own parents with your own children.  The love is almost palpable and I feel like my heart could explode!  My mom is, and I know we all say it but I mean it, is the epitomy of mothers.  I get excited to see her play with Tess so I can learn and get new ideas from her.


{It didn’t take long for grandma to find something to spoil her with!}


{She’s so excited to have a new friend to play with–and a new phone to chew on….}


Here’s to hoping Tessa doesn’t go through grandma withdrawal in a few weeks after she leaves!! (I know I will)….

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