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My Own: It’s not so easy anymore!

Clearly, she wasn’t nearly as excited as me:

If you follow me on Facebook, you saw that I got some fun new backdrops for my in-home sessions.  I hemmed and hawed over this for a long time–I 100% prefer to use the natural environment and light for my photos and prefer the look and feel of a non-studio setting for my work.  However, the winter months in Wisconsin are long, cold, and often unforgiving and finding a itty-bitty friendly indoor space to work in is hard.  Of course, I would LOVE to have a studio for these types of set-up and to do newborn photography but that is just not in the cards at this point.  So instead, for young children and newborns I will be bringing the studio to you!  I had been doing this already but now we have a few more fun options to work with!

I couldn’t wait to whip out these bad boys and take some test shots so the other day I decided to use my ham-child as my test subject and practice with the backdrops while hopefully capturing some 18 month (HOW IS SHE 18 MONTHS ALREADY?!?) pictures.  I was more concerned about learning how they looked behind my lens, and what type of funky positioning things I needed to look out for when I actually used them for a client than I was with getting a great composition with my moving toddler.  And I was able to do that.  I also learned it is MUCH easier to get her to cooperate when she isn’t as mobile!! I think gone are the days when I could sit her down and use my mommy-charm to make her smile!  (I should have waited until daddy was home.)

Desperate times call for desperate measures–I may or may not have whipped out my last snack-sized bag of m&m’s left-over from Halloween in my secret stash to bribe the girl.  And yeah, that didn’t even work!  I didn’t get to use all the backdrops but here is a taste of my,  eh-hem, try.  . .

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